Club Malnutrition Longboarders

7 Mile Beach, Gerroa NSW, Australia Est. 2002

Point Score Round 4 - Jan2017

It may not have been the best wave of our lives but it certainly was the smallest! Conditions were nigh on perfect when we arrived this morning, just no decent swell. The forecasted swell had not arrived but after some initial hesitation on meerkat hill we decided to have the comp. Thanks to all the porters we soon had the comp ready to go and the first heat kicked off. We thought we’d need longer heats but as it turned out we all got plenty of waves so the usual 20 minutes was plenty. Good to see more surfing in both the mal and sup heats and well done to Erich who came in No 1 in one of the mal heats – a multi talented man!

Most stayed for the BBQ, thanks to Mick for organising the food and drinks and doing the cooking.

It was good to see such a good role up and a couple of new members. Unfortunately, they went early, not used to the extended debate most likely! Let's see if we can continue to grow our numbers, we are the only mal club between Shellharbour and Ulladulla so plenty of potential.

The next comp is Sunday 26th February, see you then.


In the meantime, see you in the water.


Club Mal Committee.