Club Malnutrition Longboarders

7 Mile Beach, Gerroa NSW, Australia Est. 2002

Point Score Jan 2016

Given that the tide was low and the wind across the waves when we started, we ended up with a pretty reasonable surf for the Jan comp. We’ve updated the pointscore and handicap so take a look and see how you are going.

The inside bank, as many experienced, was very shallow and closed down very quickly. As a result we had a bit of drama when one of the local surfers copped a cut on her head when her board hit her. She received plenty of attention from the boys on the beach who put the first aid kit to good use.

The club presented Bob (the guy who cleans up the beach) with a watch to say thanks for keeping the beach in good shape. Thanks to Kent at Natural Necessities for helping out with the purchase.

Thanks to all for ferrying the gear back and forth and to Mick for another fab BBQ.


See you in the water

The Committee