Club Malnutrition Longboarders

7 Mile Beach, Gerroa NSW, Australia Est. 2002

Point Score Round 3 - Nov 2016

We finally managed to get our November point score in this week, it was a bit of a contrast from last week but overall conditions were good even if the waves were a bit small.

It was a bit hard going to get some good waves but Kate Cummings used up all her available scoring rides and our newest member Paul Dreghorn won his first heat in the SUPS backing up after his heat on the longboard.

I gave Dave a hand with the bbq which topped off a pretty good morning all round, thanks again Dave! :)

The next point score will be the end of Jan (29th) after we have a break over Christmas.

We are having a casual Xmas party on the 17th this month and I will send out an email with details shortly. It is open to all members old and new and their guests. The invitation is open to anyone really but contact Mick, Ken or John if you and your friends would like to come along for a good arvo->night.

See you in the water,